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What are the traits that define quality plastic cards?

What a lot of people do not realize is that designer plastic cards are not just fancy pieces of carved plastic – they are practically symbolic of what one or one’s business stands for. This is regardless of whether the business merely distributes these cards to its consumers to entice them to buy its products, or its prime business activity is that of making these plastic cards. The plastic cards can be a stark, solid sign of professionalism mixed with elegance. The same plastic cards can also be little more than a cheaply carved disposable to be tucked away and pitched over into the gutter when the first chance arises. For these cards to skirt away from the latter description and project professionalism and competence, certain traits should be present. Why do professional organizations insist on using the plastic cards as opposed to cards crafted from paper? The answer is simple enough; few people actually invest in plastic cards. The casual fellow will almost always opt for mass-produced paper cards and thus prevent considerable wallet weight loss. Cards made from plastic, for this reason, are memorable in themselves. Upping this very trait ensures that these cards stand out more and push the information on their plastic selves with more conviction. Using cards made of plastic may not necessarily guarantee elevated impact on the people the cards are intended for, but designing them in such a way that they appear striking and memorable to the client is bound to inspire the right image in his mind.

The ideal plastic cards is informative, albeit in a concise, straight-to-the-point manner. For instance, if it is a business card, it should be direct and give information on what the company is about, the activities carried out by the firm, and how to get into contact with the firm. Making the card informative gives it the necessary breadth to play its role to the fullest and successfully tug at those it is intended for. There are fellows who believe that it is the norm to get away with a simple corporation logo on the card. This may be well so, but it is bound to happen only if the company is extremely well known and already a household name. Plastic quality is a key element when it comes to plastic cards. While using recycled material is alright, picking up plastic material with varying uniformity and proceeding to carve out cards is bound to do more harm than good. Also, if you insist on merely picking up plastics and imposing content on already existent print, the element of professionalism will be regarded as severely lacking by the card recipient. Using quality plastic material and insisting on elegance are key points in producing cards that will be regarded in a serious light.

Exploring the place that the plastic business card occupies in business today.

Many business owners deemed worth their salt in today's business world have plastic business cards in their employ. Business often involves attending conventions and related seminars which go a long way in oiling the cogs of business operations. In every aspect, seminars and conventions are good things and as one law of business states, good things lead to better things. What better way to prove the effectiveness of this law than to be able to keep in touch with businesspersons met at these seminars? This is exactly where a plastic business cards can come into play. It is corporate custom nowadays to swap plastic business cards thereby heralding the formation of new and potentially beneficial business bonds. The plastic business cards is a prime contact mode in today's world of business. It holds important and concise contact information of the company as well as that of the individual bearing the card, and addresses his or her position or affiliation with the same. The fact that the card's body is plastic means that it isn't susceptible to creasing or tearing as is the case with paper. It isn't prone to "deletion" either given that it's tangible as opposed to being a virtual "thing" that must be squeezed into some hard drive. Regardless of whether businesspeople are in an exhibition or perhaps a conference meeting, arguably the most appropriate way to exchange contact information is by handing out plastic business cards.

Plastic business cards go beyond being mere plastic items with neatly cut edges. Potential customers use them to judge companies before they've actually seen them. The first impression the potential consumer holds of any company swings heavily in the way of the company's plastic business cards in hand. It really is that simple. plastic business cards with a professional look will go a long way in boosting the trustworthiness of a certain company in customer's eyes. Basically, the representation of your particular company's products is more often than not anchored to the quality of your firm's business cards. If the standard plastic business cards your company distributes is unevenly cut and chock-full of grammatical mistakes then all you're telling any potential customer is that unprofessionalism is the heart and blood of your firm. Business cards are usually that decisive factor for a company's sales. As before mentioned, if the message the business card gives paints an unsavory caricature of the company, few people will be keen to throw money in the company's way. If on the other hand the first impression given is emphatic and full of influence you can expect that only a few customers will have any reservations on whether to spend their hard-earned money on the product in question. A business card with a less-than-imposing face to it is definitely not worth the plastic it's printed on, perhaps it will be most suitable for scraping away the dirt lodged in a customer's fingernails.

  • Custom Made
  • Choose many different type of cards
  • Long Lasting
  • Variable and Multipurpose
  • Boost Organization Image
  • Increase Sales of Business
  • Use Germany Heidelberg
  • commercial printing machine
  • Offset Print Method
  • Made from 100% pvc plastic material
  • Not Paper Composite
  • Production procedure and
  • print material same as credit card
  • Standard Card 3.375 x 2.125”
  • 85mm x 54mm
  • 30ml and 12ml Thickness
  • Default Glossy Finish
  • Round Corner
  • Durable
  • Water Resist
  • Full Color Both Sides
  • Production Time:Estimated 12-14 working days note that all cards are custom made, each card have difference add on and options, production time may vary.
  • Accepted File Format -
  • PSD. PDF. AI. EPS. JPEG. TIFF. JPEG and TIFF fill need to be 600 dpi PSD. PDF. AI. EPS. Need to be 300dpi All fonts need to be outlined before submitting artwork
  • There will be 1/8” Bleed on all artwork